'Special Needs'


is a descriptive term encompassing a wide range of human frailties such as physical disabilities and learning difficulties affecting children and adults of every age.

Sadly, when we think about it, most of us know someone young or old who has a need of some kind, affecting their living on a day to day basis.

On these pages we hope to show how we are trying to bring a little variety into their lives through coach outings, shopping trips, organising and producing variety shows and many other means.

Why do we do it? We believe that there is a genuine lack of opportunities and recources necessary to accomodate this area.

While we are a very small charity we do have a lovely band of volunteers - without their help we couldn't do nearly as much as we do now.

However we are always interested in people who wish to dedicate a little bit of their time, be it 'shop sitting' (meaning that our shops are manned fully) or helping with the collection and delivery of the many items that flow through our doors each week.