Our History

Imperial Charity was founded in 1990 by David McCance and is administered by trustees and committee members who have a deep understanding of 'Special Needs'. They are committed to helping children and adults improve their quality of life. Putting a little more enjoyment, sunshine and happiness into their lives and making life a bit easier does this. We are also dedicated to providing the same for our local senior citizens.

How do we do this# In a whole variety of ways: arranging fun-days to seaside resorts like Poole, Weston-Super-Mare and Weymouth, organising shopping expeditions for the adults, arranging parties, producing variety shows and lending a helping hand where we can and working quietly in the background, helping other 'Special Needs' charities including the Children's Heart Circle for Downs Syndrome Children, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, the Leukemia Society, the Sarah Duffyn Centre in Portsmouth which assesses children's disabilities, more locally the Trowbridge Special Needs Centre, Stepping Stones and Riding for the Disabled

Naturally, whether working behind the scenes or in a more visible way, Imperial Charity, like many UK charities, is partly dependent on its own commercial initiatives, and contributes all net profits to the charity. Nowadays our chief source of income is the successful launch of our Charity Shops based in Westbury, Wiltshire. We opened our first one in September 2007 and have not looked back since.

Imperial Charity are happy to provide other charities with their printing requirements, often free of charge.

As a charity we are committed to helping others, we in turn, rely on others to volunteer their time and effort.
Our People


The President, trustee and founder of the Charity. He has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Charity has grown to the size that it is now. Forever coming up with new ideas (some weird & wacky!) he says that he is going to stand down a bit - we doubt that….


Trustee and Honorary Treasurer. Her spreadsheets could wallpaper Buckingham Palace! With Sally they form the duo 'Hot Flush' and kindly provide entertainment at a lot of our shows.


Trustee and Safeguarding Officer. With her qualifications she is the right person for the job. Also known to dabble in PR work for us and can sing a note or two.


Our Charity Manager. Besides running our shops super-efficiently he also deals with the financial side of the charity including Gift Aid and our accounts


Has increased his workload! Not only does he view items to be collected first but then organises the collection and delivery of the donated items. Hard working he rarely allows the van crew a lunch break. He also PAT tests electrical items to ensure they are safe to sell.


Drives the van, ensures that collections and deliveries are handled smoothly and helps with the loading and unloading without breaking anything.


A fantastic helper with the van team but please don't tell him!


Always reliable, he only complains when he hasn't sold anything which luckily is not often.


Again always reliable - can manage the running of the shop when we are short-staffed.


Turns up week after week - why we don't know - but seriously is a great addition to our team.

Volunteers Wanted picture

We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our Charity shops run more smoothly. It is important to us that our customers receive the best possible service when they come into our shops and to that end we need people who are friendly, reliable and above all with a good sense of humour to help us to achieve this.

Being a 'Shop-Sitter' is not difficult. There is no heavy lifting involved - we have people to do that - hours are to suit the individual and best of all Free coffee/tea as and when necessary!

We also are always interested in people who can step in to provide cover for holidays etc for our van team. This does involve some heavy lifting so a level of fitness is essential.

If the above is of any interest then why not click on the button on the left marked '...Application Form' fill the form in and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Members Wanted

We are also keen to invite people to become members of our Charity, preferably someone with an interest in the Charity who would like to be involved with our future.


Imperial Charity is registered with The Charity Commission (Registration No: 1020080) and celebrates its 25th Anniversary in 2015. It operates by means of a Constitution and its aims are to provide support and activities for people of all ages with Special Needs and Senior Citizens within the County of Wiltshire.

Imperial Charity has a Membership to help it operate democratically. Membership is renewed annually. Subscriptions An individual shall pay an Annual Subscription of £10.00.

Privileges of Membership
Those Members whose subscriptions are paid up to date shall be entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Charity including the Annual General Meeting at which the Officers are elected. At such meetings an Individual Member is entitled to one vote. All members shall be entitled to receive notices of General Meetings. As an added incentive to Membership, all paid up Members will be entitled to one free Coach Trip per year and free entry to the Annual New Year Show and Buffet.

Cessation of Membership
Membership shall cease if Annual Subscriptions are not paid by the anniversary date of first approval by the Trustees, or if the Trustees shall, in accordance with the Constitution, determine that continued Membership is not in the best interests of the Charity. To Apply for Membership Please complete the attached Application Form and return it to: The Business Manager, Imperial Charity, 27 Warminster Road, Westbury, Wilts, BA13 3PD

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