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Destinations for 2020
Every year we organise a series of day coach trips for senior citizens and people of all ages with Special Needs. Each month from May to September we provide 3 coaches which enables 150 people to enjoy a day out at the coast or places of interest. This activity not only fosters the making of new friendships but provides stimulation by enabling them to not only enjoy a day out but to visit places they ordinarily would not have been able to.
Unfortunately as we all know such activities were cancelled this year

Here's hoping the vaccine works and we can start visiting places again, together, next year!

A Happy poem in memory of Janice.

Janice used to call us 'Her Ladies' when we all went out to the coast and on other social occasions.
Here we go, with the poem.

'Have you got the tickets Pam' when joining in the queue.
We think that possibly five or six may do.
We are going to the seaside. care of Imperial Charity, by coach
Its only for the day, and we hope it will be fine,
Its really important that you get to the departure point on time
'We're off’ this time its to Swanage and I wonder who will be
The first to shout 'Look Ladies and Gents, I can see the Sea!
When we get there we have a wander about to see what we can see
and look out for a cafe to have a cup of tea (or coffee)
Then replenished. we wander round the town to see if any bargains can be had
Look there's a nice cardigan, it won't look half bad
And then its time for Fish and Chips with lots of salt and vinegar
Hopefully eaten outside. in paper. but watch out for seagulls
and if under attack. wrap up your fish and chips. and put them under your mac!

And now we're feeling rather full, and may sit down upon the wall or a seat
and watch the tide go in and out. Whoa! Pam's taken off her sandals and is going for a paddle
She was very determined that she would. I think its doing her good.
Now its time for another wander around the town, I want to buy some rock
but my teeth may be in for a terrible shock
Come quickly cries Mary, Margaret has RESERVED us a table
she's holding on to it, as well as she is able. and has staked her claim by
putting her shopping on the chairs
We don't want to go upstairs
Now this restaurant does serve delicious cream teas
Decisions. decisions. perhaps just a nice cup of tea.
Where are you all from? The waitress says to me
We have escaped from our care home and are now on a spree.
No, not really we all come from jolly old WESTBURY
And now its time to go back on the coach

When back on the coach we all agree, we had a lovely day by the sea
We'll soon be home
Brian's waiting with the car
'Get in the car Ann' says Jan
Its O.K. Jan, its not too far, I can walk
'Just do as your told' we have had a busy day
O.K. Jan If its not out of your way
And so we are all taken to our own from door
Tired but happy

Ann Godden November 2020

Outings & Coach Trips

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