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We are committed to helping children and adults with special needs improve their quality of life.

Destinations for 2024

Every year we organise a series of day coach trips for senior citizens and people of all ages with Special Needs. Each month from May to October we provide 3 coaches which enables 150 people to enjoy a day out at the coast or places of interest. This activity not only fosters the making of new friendships but provides stimulation by enabling them to not only enjoy a day out but to visit places they ordinarily would not have been able to.

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April - Portsmouth/Southsea
April - Portsmouth/Southsea
Image by 921563 from Pixabay
May - Weston-super-Mare
May - Weston-super-Mare
Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay
June - Weymouth
June - Weymouth
Image by Kathryn19 from Pixabay
July - Lyme Regis
July - Lyme Regis
Image by papannon from Pixabay
August - Swanage
August - Swanage
Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay
September - Sidmouth
September - Sidmouth
Image by PBernfeld from Pixabay

Providing no further restrictions are imposed on us, it is provisionally intended to run this seasons coach trips to the destinations listed below on the dates shown. Tickets available on the dates shown from our High Street and Warminster Road Charity Shops in Westbury and the Warminster Hub.

Date Destination Pickups for all Trips Note! New Times
17th April Portsmouth/Southsea Station Road 08:55am
29th May Weston-super-Mare Haynes Road 09:00am
26th June Weymouth Charity Shop Warminster Rd 08:55am
31st July Lyme Regis Chalford Bus Stop 09:00am
28th August Swanage Warminster Car Park 09:10am
25th September Sidmouth Regal Court 09:15am
Christchurch 09:20am
Bell Hill 09:25am
Coach Tickets Availability
Date Destination Tickets Available
17th April Portsmouth/Southsea 4th March
29th May Weston-super-Mare 15th April
26th June Weymouth 13th May
31st July Lyme Regis 17th June
28th August Swanage 15th July
25th September Sidmouth 19th August