Destinations for 2019

Every year we organise a series of day coach trips for senior citizens and people of all ages with Special Needs. Each month from April to October we provide 3 coaches which enables 150 people to enjoy a day out at the coast or places of interest. This activity not only fosters the making of new friendships but provides stimulation by enabling them to not only enjoy a day out but to visit places they ordinarily would not be able to.

Destinations                                    Date

Oxford                                                                 17th April 2019

Kingston-on-Thames                                       8th May 2019

Abergavenny Market                                       4th June 2019

Weymouth                                                         25th July 2019

Poole                                                                   14th August 2019

Stratford on Avon                                            18th September 2019

Bourton on the Water                                     16th October 2019

Destinations                        Date

Oxford                                          17th April 2019

Kingston-on-Thames                8th May 2019

Abergavenny Market                4th June 2019

Weymouth                                  24th July 2019

Poole                                            14th August 2019

Stratford on Avon                     18th September 2019

Bourton on the Water              16th October 2019

Pickup Points for Each Trip                 Time

Station Road                                                                        8.25am

Haynes Road                                                                       8.25am

The Charity Shop,  Warminster Rd                                8.25am

Chalford Bus Stop                                                              8.30am

Kyngeston Court                                                                8.40am

Regal Court                                                                         8.40am

Christchurch                                                                       8.50am

Bell Hill                                                                                8.50am

Warminster Car Park                                                        9.00am

Contact Us

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Address 1: 27 Warminster Road, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3PD

Phone: 01373 826 826

Address 2: 26 Highstreet, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA13 3BW

Phone: 01373 822 207

Email: info@imperialcharity.shop

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